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~ Chains ~

Chapter 10 begins with a rude awakening.

There's a fresh animatic to accompany the start of the new chapter. And speaking of new chapters, the eighth installment of Nothing Ever Goes as Planned by CrossroadsPony is now in the gallery!

While you're visiting the gallery, you may notice that's the new home of our r[E]volution game project. With great thanks to Auro Vee, we have the last version (0.5) of the game available for download before the project is retired. I thank everyone who enjoyed the game and play-tested it, and I hope y'all stick around as we move on to more adventures in the comic.

In addition to Auro, we have another new chupapologist: Kitty! You can say hi to Auro, Kitty and our other chupapologists in the Discord server.



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