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~ Off the Deep End ~

Hiya chupamigos, it's been a little while! I managed to survive RTX, Hurricane Harvey and commission work, and I'm happy to report that comic production is back on track. I also have some bonus goodies to show y'all!

There's new art and fiction in the gallery:

- Eight new pics by Thervbfanman: It's Lightish Red, Georgia, Chara Billard, Christa, Franklin, Hank, Jerry, and Sarah.
- New story by Thervbfanman: The Life of Jeranin L. Baxely
- Added chapter 3 of Rogue Asset by Whitewolf02
- Added chapter 2 of Nothing Ever Goes as Planned by CrossroadsPony
- Two new pics by xSilverDracox: Donut, Bunnylops and Chupa Caboose

Thanks to everyone submitting awesome stuff! I love seeing y'all's chupas.

By the way, have you ever wondered about your chupa-self's lineage? Would you like to know what your breed is, according to the Department of Chupapology? Thanks to Ember, one of our head chupapologists, we now have a quiz for that! You can take the quiz to discover your breed, or read our fully-updated breed index.



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